About Me

"Darkness is the monster and your shutter is your sword, aperture your shield and ISO your armor. Strike fast with your sword and defend well with your shield and hope your armor holds up". I came upon this interesting quote while trawling the internet for some equipment reviews. Whoever wrote this had a very interesting point of view on photography but was probably much too influenced by Hollywood medieval dramas with textured scenes and lots of metal. Nonetheless, it gives a sense of what the science and art of photography can do to people.

To me, photography is about what you see, what you want to see and what you want others to see. It's as much about capturing the moment with your eyes as with your camera. It would be a bit presumptuous to say I specialize in one type of photography over another. My eyes first had a predilection for landscapes, capturing that fleeting moment when light and colors literally collided in a very sumptuous way to give you that magical frame. With ready access to a photogenic city, I then found myself capturing the urban splendor, chasing lights and skylines. The drama that accompanies changing seasons was too much to handle and I found myself much too often on Google maps searching for that perfect spot for fall foliage or the most scenic route during winter. And then came my daughter...

To put things in perspective, you could say, I am an enthusiast. With enough enthusiasm to put together personally curated portfolio, a Facebook page and a presence on Flickr. In technical terms, I am an amateur - I don't make money from photography. But I certainly try to learn the tricks of the trade, from amateurs, enthusiasts and pros, in no particular order. I am open for business. HDR was one of my fortes but I stopped doing it lately. If anyone cares, I could send in a quick tutorial. I find joy in documenting events for friends and family.

Above all, I consider myself to be a student of this beautiful art.

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